oTranscribe is joining MuckRock and DocumentCloud

I’m very pleased to announce that oTranscribe has found a new home: with MuckRock/DocumentCloud, a non-profit organisation dedicated to open-source tools for journalists. Having spent some time speaking with Aron Pilhofer and Michael Morisy, I’m confident that their organisation will take good care of oTranscribe.1

If you are a user of oTranscribe, don’t expect any sudden changes. MuckRock/DocumentCloud will take ownership of the website, GitHub organisation and social channels over the next few weeks, and I trust them to do a great job supporting oTranscribe’s thousands of users. Long-term, the app will be much better off with a non-profit rather than an (increasingly disinterested) individual.

When I launched oTranscribe in 2013, I had no idea how useful it would become to so many people. A project of this scale deserves owners that can lavish the time and attention it deserves. I’m excited to see where MuckRock/DocumentCloud takes it.

  1. This isn’t the first time that Aron Pilhofer has supported one of my side projects; in 2015, he helped me organise a Journocoders event in the Guardian offices.

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