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My first ever JavaScript library, Progressor.js

For its progress bar, oTranscribe currently uses a neat little library called Audio.js. However - as the name implies - this only supports audio files, and comes with a bunch of features not used in oTranscribe.

So as part of adding video support to oTranscribe, I wrote my own JavaScript library, Progressor.js. I’m rather proud of it.

MIT-licensed and just 2.87kb minified, Progressor.js can be used to create lightweight, stylable, scrubbable progress bar for <audio> and <video> tags. Demos and usage instructions can be found on GitHub.

As of v0.2.1, I consider it production-worthy and will be rolling it out to oTranscribe (along with video support) soonish. If you happen to use it in your own project, I’d love to know.

Posted 31 Jan 2014